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WalletMonitor: The Most Affordable Way to Earn More Profit

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WalletMonitor: The Most Affordable Way to Earn More Profit

We know WalletMonitor is the fastest, most efficient and reliable dropshipping solution. But do you know it is also the most affordable?

That's right! Our plans are among the cheapest among our competitors and we also offer you endless features to grow and nurture your dropshipping business. You can start enjoying the benefits of WalletMonitor only at $1 for the trial period. After that, the plans will renew at most cost-effective rates you will find anywhere. All plans include Automatic Orders from Amazon

Today, we will see what makes WalltMonitor the best and cheapest tool for dropshippers.

List Endless Variations at $1 for a trial period

You know that suppliers often offer variations of a product in terms of size, colors, design and more. As a dropshipper, you want to list all variations to expand your portfolio and earn higher profits. WalletMonitor not only automatically lists all variations, but also does it at an unbelievable price!

You just need a single click to list all variations with complete product details like images, description, prices and more. There's no need to use a spreadsheet or enter each variation manually. WalletMonitor will do the job automatically with a single click.

Now, all other dropshipping tools will charge you for each variation. The process is also time-taking and laborious as you have to deal with each variation separately. But WalletMonitor lists all your variations automatically!

Yes! You have heard it right. WalletMonitor doesn't calculate variations and will allow you to list products with 100 variations as 1 product. That's something no competitor can match!

Unlimited eBay and Shopify Stores

You can use WalletMonitor to source high-profit products from a wide range of suppliers and sell them on eBay or Shopify..

You know, all efforts to cheat Ebay may have temporarily result. Ones they catch you, your store will closed immediately. What WM has it's not just nice label " EBAY COMPATIBLE".  It says we passed all Ebay's requirements and work with WM is more than safety.

More of that all plans include Automatic Orders from Amazon.


However, WalletMonitor has been developed by season dropshippers who understand the pain points of dropshippers. We know that you need to operate multiple stores to sell a range of products. For example, in one store, you may sell gardening products while the other store lists personal care items. Products can be many, so can be stores!

WalletMonitor understands this need and allows you to manage an unlimited number of stores on eBay and Shopify. You don't need to pay anything extra but only your plan charges. This feature is available in all plans, even in our most basic Starter Plan.

Amazing Features at Most Affordable Rate

WalletMonitor also packs powerful features that are available at the most affordable rates. Let's see what you can get by signing up for our trial plan for just $1. You get to do more, for less.

Efficient Dropshipping Monitor

You can use WalletMonitor to monitor hundreds and thousands of items. Even our Starter Plan lets you automatically monitor 500 items every 4 hours. If you sign up for our Advanced Plan, you can list and monitor 5,000 items every 2 hours.

The monitoring feature also keeps an eye on product availability and prevents listing if stock is low.

Effortless Product Listing

Adding products to your stores is easy and quick with WalletMonitor. You can directly add products from the supplier platform with a single click. Each product will be listed with images, text descriptions and repriced automatically.

Free WM Store Management Tools and Features

Irrespective of the plan you choose, you get free WalletMonitor store management features and tools to run your business successfully. The tools are meant to ease your job and automate the time-consuming tasks. That way, you can spend the saved time for productive purposes, like growing your business and attracting more customers.

We don't charge you anything for our store management features.

eBay Certified

No other dropshipping solution can claim to be certified by eBay. We are recognized eBay partners and certified by eBay for our ease of use and quality. You can use WalletMonitor without any worries with full confidence as even eBay has put their trust in us!

Ebay warring that all products will sell and under policies  (safety, time....) so some products  may not listed properly  in some reasons:

If Amazon seller has less than 60 feedbacks, if a product sent not from US, If Prime Shipping  more than 7 days and regular more than 14 days.   In those cases  a monitor send  that suspiciously products to "Out of stock". in other words WM protects you from not desirable sellers.

Reduce Costs to Earn More Profit

When you take the help of WalletMonitor, you can keep the costs of running your business at the lowest. That means you can earn more profit as your expenses are low. And certainly, that's something all business owners want!

WalletMonitor goes a long way to save you time and money.

Try Out WalletMonitor for $1

We have a trial offer for a limited period for dropshippers interested in WalletMonitor. You can sign up for any plan at just $1 and see for yourself how it helps you in your dropshipping business. There's no commitment and you can cancel your membership any time you want.

But from our experience, we can say that you really won't feel like leaving once you get used to the convenience and efficiency of WalletMonitor.

So give it a try and sign up for our trial period offer at only $1!

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