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"non API" vs "API" work with eBay.

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"non API" vs "API" work with eBay.

Last time we more and more come around the question about the "non API" vs "API" work with eBay.

 Our answer to such a question is very simple. As all of you already know, all efforts to somehow cheat Ebay have  only temporarily and short term result. After all, their smart machine-learning algorithms will catch you, and your store will be closed immediately.

This is one of the reasons we in WalletMonitor have neither regretted time nor money for the effort to be an "Ebay compatible". It is not just a nice label, it means we passed all Ebay's requirements. Thus work with WalletMonitor is much more safely .

eBay Certified

No other dropshipping solution can claim to be certified by eBay. We are recognized eBay partners and certified by eBay for our ease of use and quality. You can use WalletMonitor without any worries with full confidence as even eBay has put their trust in us!

Ebay warring that all products will sell and under policies  (safety, time....) so some products  may not listed properly  in some reasons:

If Amazon seller has less than 60 feedbacks, if a product sent not from US, If Prime Shipping  more than 7 days and regular more than 14 days.   In those cases  a monitor send  that suspiciously products to "Out of stock". in other words WM protects you from not desirable sellers.

Today, we will see what makes WalltMonitor the best and cheapest tool for dropshippers.

List Endless Variations at $1 for a trial period

You know that suppliers often offer variations of a product in terms of size, colors, design and more. As a dropshipper, you want to list all variations to expand your portfolio and earn higher profits. WalletMonitor not only automatically lists all variations, but also does it at an unbelievable price!

Efficient Dropshipping Monitor

You can use WalletMonitor to monitor hundreds and thousands of items. Even our Starter Plan lets you automatically monitor 500 items every 4 hours. If you sign up for our Advanced Plan, you can list and monitor 5,000 items every 2 hours. The monitoring feature also keeps an eye on product availability and prevents listing if stock is low.

Value for Money

After the 1$ trial period, your plan will renew at 9.99. If you are satisfied with WalletMonitor (WM), you can also choose from other plans that give you more items, orders, and monitoring.

Starting this June, WM Is also launching five new is pricing plans. With the Starter plan, you can list up to 500 items on your store, which is updated every four hours. The Advanced plan is for medium enterprises, helping you list as many as 5000 items simultaneously, which are updated every couple of hours. Big businesses can go in for the Master plan, which helps you list as many as 100,000 items at one go, all of which are updated every hour. No matter which plan you choose, you get ten free Amazon auto orders, and WM store management tools and features.

WalletMonitor also offers full transparency on its pricing. You always know what you are paying for so that there is never any confusion. 

Variations are not calculated. In WalletMonitor even product with 100 variations is charged as 1 .

 I guess you can give WalletMonitor a try and see how it turns out for you

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