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All You Need to Know About WalletMonitor Variations

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All You Need to Know About WalletMonitor Variations

WalletMonitor has emerged as one of the top choices of dropshippers to manage and run their business. You can automatically source products from multiple platforms like AliExpress ,Amazon and WALMART and sell on eBay and Shopify. The solution also offers numerous helpful features to save your time and effort so that you can focus on growing your profits.

Today, we will explore the unique variation feature of WalletMonitor which you don't find in any other dropshipping solution. We will tell you exactly how it works and benefits you in managing, tracking and listing your items.

WalletMonitor Variations

You must have seen many sellers offering variations of a single item. For example, a product may come in different sizes, colors, quantities and so on. When you are adding items to your own store, it makes sense to include the variations to give your customers a range of choices and increase your profitability.

Now, if you want to add all the variations of a product, you must do it manually with the help of an Excel sheet. You have to add each item separately, include the descriptions, images and other information to your listing. That's how all other dropshipping software work!

Thankfully, WalletMonitor saves you all the trouble and laborious work by automatically managing and adding all the variations of a product to your store. Let's say you use WalletMonitor to search profitable products on platforms like Amazon and AliExpress. Our solution will return you a search page with high-profit items to sell, including their variations.

To add the variations to your store all you need to do is make a single click! WalletMonitor will automatically add all variations in their entirety with images, product descriptions, pricing and more. You don't even need to lift your finger other than making that single click!

Monitoring Variations

WalletMonitor not only adds all the variations but also monitors each variation for their availability. If any product stock goes down below 14, the software will prohibit the item from being sold. When the stock increases over 14, the item is again reopened automatically for selling.

The feature helps you track your inventory in real-time so that you never face the embarrassment of going out of stock and receiving negative comments from your customers.

Variations are  not calculated. In WalletMonitor even  product with  100 variations is charged as 1 .

WalletMonitor also monitors the price of each variation to account for any changes in seller price. If the program notices any price change, it will automatically update the price In your store of the product based on defined rules. You don't need to attend to each variation and set the price manually.

Managing Variations

WalletMonitor automatically adds variations from platforms like AliExpress or Amazon to eBay and Shopify stores. It also does the job of repricing based on your defined parameters. This is really helpful for dropshippers, especially beginners who are just starting out.

On the other hand, WalletMonitor also understands the need for pro dropshippers, who like to have control of every aspect of their business. To meet their needs, WalletMonitor gives them full control to list and manage variations.

You just need to navigate to the "Variations" tab after adding a product to WalletMonitor. There you will be able to add or remove each variation just by clicking on a green slider beside each variation. You can also provide the quantity for each variation and set the price according to your own margins.

WalletMonitor also lets you compare prices for each variation for Shopify stores so that you can price your products for maximum sales. The page will also give you options to set your pricing rules- just click on the pen icon after each listing.

After you are done, just click on the "Save" button to confirm your changes. You can also click on "Reset Changes" if you change your mind and need to start over again.

Now that you know all about the variations feature, let's take a look at what makes WalletMonitor the best!

Fully Automated

WalletMonitor allows you to focus on growing your business by giving you freedom from all manual and boring tasks. The solution will automatically-

  • Find the most profitable products to sell
  • List products with all their variations including description, images and updated price
  • Buy on your behalf from lowest-price distributors
  • Keep track of inventory and price changes
  • Sell on your behalf at high prices
  • Fulfill orders and email order confirmation to customers

So you can see that all the work involved in dropshipping is done by WalletMonitor automatically. Once you start using it, you will never feel the need to look elsewhere!

Support for Multiple Platforms

Most dropshipping software will let you handle only a few platforms. WalletMonitor is the only solution that enables you to source products from multiple platforms like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, eBay and sell on Shopify and eBay.

You can also handle an unlimited number of Shopify  and Ebay stores for no extra charge!

Trusted by eBay

You can use a different ecommerce shipping platform, but it’s no secret that eBay remains one of the more popular choices today among smart online shoppers. WalletMonitor has been certified by eBay to be their dropshipping partner. Our solution will protect you from all unauthorized uses and help you add items to your eBay store meeting all eBay guidelines. As a result, eBay will increase the traffic to your stores so that you get more potential customers to boost your sales.

Value for Money

After the 1$ trial period, your plan will renew at 9.99. If you are satisfied with WalletMonitor (WM), you can also choose from other plans that give you more items, orders, and monitoring.

Starting this June, WM Is also launching five new is pricing plans. With the Starter plan, you can list up to 500 items on your store, which is updated every four hours. The Advanced plan is for medium enterprises, helping you list as many as 5000 items simultaneously, which are updated every couple of hours. Big businesses can go in for the Master plan, which helps you list as many as 100,000 items at one go, all of which are updated every hour. No matter which plan you choose, you get ten free Amazon auto orders, and WM store management tools and features.

WalletMonitor also offers full transparency on its pricing. You always know what you are paying for so that there is never any confusion. 

Variations are not calculated. In WalletMonitor even product with 100 variations is charged as 1 .

I guess you can give WalletMonitor a try and see how it turns out for you.

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