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Why Doesn't WalletMonitor Add Some Items to My Store?

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Why Doesn't WalletMonitor Add Some Items to My Store?

WalletMonitor is one of the best dropshipping tools to add desired items from a vast range of suppliers. You can add items with all variations (or specific ones) with a single click with features like auto-pricing and complete product description, images, and more. Our dropshipping solutions also lets you edit your items easily.

But at times, you may see some items missing out from your page. You searched products automatically or chose a shop, and then clicked the "Add" button- but some products are not on the list. Or, you see some items have not been listed properly.

What could have gone wrong? Has your WalletMonitor developed a glitch?

If you take our advice, you should thank your stars that it happened. Why?

You will find out soon all about this safety feature of WalletMonitor that keeps dropshippers protected.

Why Aren't Some Items Being Added to My Store?

First of all, stop worrying! There's nothing wrong with your WalletMonitor or your store. On the contrary, something might be wrong with the supplier or seller you are adding products from. Or, something is not right about the products!

Let's take this in detail.

How WalletMonitor Protects You

eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others have strict guidelines and policies for selling products. If you don't meet the guidelines or break the rules, you can land up in trouble. Penalties may include suspension of accounts or removing the buy now button from your products.

These leading online stores want to ensure that every seller provides a positive experience to the shoppers. If you fail to keep your promise to the customer, then the reputation of the store is in jeopardy.

For example, let's say you fail to ship your products within the time specified on your product page. Or, your item goes out of stock resulting in customers being frustrated.

Things like these will obviously negatively impact customer satisfaction and bring down the reputation of say, Amazon, or eBay.

So these platforms have strict rules to prevent negative customer experiences.

We understand this, and want to keep you safe so that your account is not suspended or blocked.

What does Being Safe Has to do with Missing Items?

Now here's the catch- WalletMonitor blocks the items or products that could possibly harm your reputation or get your account suspended. So when you are adding items, WalletMonitor keeps a check on many factors and allows products that pass its validity tests.

As you should know, WalletMonitor is programmed to detect anomalies with suppliers or products. Our solution may not add some items properly or miss some products because something is wrong.

We will take a look at a few reasons why products may not show up on your listing.

Reasons Why WalletMonitor May Block Products

Inadequate Feedback

You can easily make out the reputation of a seller on eBay or Amazon by looking at customer feedback. If customers feel he is providing a good service, you will take their word. If the feedbacks are negative, you know you should practice caution.

Sometimes, you may see a seller has only a few feedback that makes it difficult to gauge his reputation. Should you trust your instincts and source your products from him? Or, should you just avoid this supplier?

You know it very well- you can't risk your reputation based on some dodgy supplier!

We at WalletMonitor think the same and have programmed our solution to block sellers with less than 60 feedbacks. That way, your products are added from only trusted suppliers who can help you fulfill your promise to your customers.

Shipping Location

Many suppliers buy products from places like China to save costs. But such products are not reliable and may stop working within a few days. We don't mean to say all products from China are bad, but we do know how the Asian countries are famous for cheap products that compromise on quality.

WalletMonitor automatically restricts items that are not shipped from the US. Our monitor will scan for the shipping location, and if it's not US, the product will be blocked. This way, your customers will know you sell only quality products from the best countries.

Delivery Time

73.6% customers consider delivery to be the most important aspect of the overall shopping experience.

52% shoppers choose guaranteed shipping dates over free shipping.

61% customers look for faster deliveries.

A delivery time of eight days results in 40% abandonment of carts.

What do these statistics tell you?

Shipping is a crucial factor when it comes to customer satisfaction. People all over the world now demand quick shipping and even same-day deliveries.

You should stand by your shipping time and provide customers a satisfactory service. WalletMontior helps you achieve this goal by allowing products that ship within a reasonable time.

WalletMonitor will block products if-

  • Prime Shipping is more than 7 days
  • Regular shipping is more than 14 days

The filter ensures you can deliver quickly to your customers without keeping them waiting. A quick and positive service will surely add to your reputation and attract more positive reviews and ratings.

What Happens to the Blocked Products?

When WalletMonitor blocks a product, it is shown 'Out of Stock.' That's the end of the story. There is no way that product is going to find a place back on your listings. It has been blocked for good!

Now, we hope you can understand why you had difficulties adding some products. If you think this is not the case or if most of your products are not added, we suggest getting in touch with our technical team for assistance.

We at WalletMonitor always strive to keep you protected. We have many features and filters in place so that you can sell on quality and high-profit products.

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