WalletMonitor Keeps Your eBay Account Safe in Times of COVID-19| WalletMonitor

WalletMonitor Keeps Your eBay Account Safe in Times of COVID-19

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WalletMonitor Keeps Your eBay Account Safe in Times of COVID-19

WalletMonitor Keeps Your eBay Account Safe in Times of COVID-19

We hope you are safe and healthy. The coronavirus epidemic has gripped the whole world, and we need to be careful and self-isolate. However, that doesn't mean you have to bring a stop to your dropshipping business. In fact, you can sell sitting at your home without moving an inch with the help of WalletMonitor.

In this time of distress, WalletMonitor is actively helping dropshippers earn their bread. We are making extra sure to keep your accounts protected in case you forget or miss something. We need time to take care of ourselves and our families, and we understand that.

WalletMonitor has brought some cool features to help you list the right items on eBay. We have also worked on our scanning features to detect unsuitable products. Our tool will like always help you to sell products that bring in high profit margins.

Let's take a look at the eBay listing features we have been talking about.

WalletMonitor Helps You List the Right Products

Most dropshipping tools can list products in bulk. However, there is nothing to make sure the products you are listing are safe.

For example, the supplier's shipping policies may not align with yours. In that case, your reputation is at risk as buyers will be likely to suffer.

Fortunately, WalletMonitor scans each and every product to ensure it matches your requirements. If our scanner finds any unsuitable products, the system prevents it from being listed.

Our scanner can process hundreds of products in minutes to keep your reputation safe.

Beginner Mistakes are Okay with WalletMonitor

You learn as you grow. WalletMonitor follows this approach and lets you experiment and make mistakes! However, your account is never compromised for your mistakes.

Our solution always keeps a check on your activities and prevents closure of accounts by eBay. For instance, eBay might place a penalty or suspend your account if you choose a product that violates its policies.

WalletMonitor always tracks such activities and prevents listing to protect your account 24/7.

Sell Only the Best Products

Your dropshipping success depends largely on selling quality products. Customers will give you positive ratings and feedback only when their needs are met. Along with good products, needs also include fast and easy shipping.

WalletMonitor helps you find and list only quality and high-margin products on eBay. If a product doesn't meet our strict eligibility, we place it in "Out of Stock." As a result, your account never gets to violate eBay guidelines.

WalletMonitor can prevent the listing of a product if-

  • The Amazon supplier has less than 60 feedbacks
  • A product doesn't ship from USA
  • Prime Shipping takes more than 7 days
  • Regular shipping takes more than 14 days

Make the Most of WalletMonitor

As you can see, WalletMonitor does a really good job of helping you become the top seller on eBay. The features of our solution tracks and finds the best products that you can sell for a high profit. WalletMonitor is the perfect companion you need to write your dropshipping success story.

If you haven't tried WalletMonitor yet, this is the time to do so - only for $1!

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