Good Deal! 98USD = 100 Amazon Gift Cards| WalletMonitor

Good Deal! 98USD = 100 Amazon Gift Cards

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Good Deal! 98USD = 100 Amazon Gift Cards

Good Deal!

98USD = 100 Amazon Gift Cards

From now on you’ll be able to buy Amazon Gift Cards via your PayPal account, and WalletMonitor will automatically add it to your selected Amazon Account.


  1. Due to the particularity of virtual goods, no refund will be accepted after redeem. Please kindly understand. All sales are final.
  2. Please don’t purchase virtual products by using amazon gift card.
  3. Please obey the Amazon rules when shopping. If the account is closed due to illegal purchases of virtual products and the products prohibited from using gift cards, we will not be responsible. In addition, we will not be responsible for accounts closed due to irresponsible and activity that is against Amazon’s T&C.
  4. Warm tip: For new amazon accounts, it is better to redeem under $200 at a time; for the commonly using account should not exceed $800 at a time; or the old account, please don’t exceed $2000 at a time.
  5. Step1.

    Connect each your Amazon Account to WalletMonitor.


  6. tep2 2

    For purchase Amazon Gift Card go to “Orders” and just click on “Buy new gift card”


    Step 3

    Select your Amazon Account and a desired value of card from $50.

    Remember confirm “I read and agree with Terms and Conditions”

    Its most convenient and chip way to buy Amazon Gift Cards


For all issues regarding Gift Card purchases, please contact us:

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