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WalletMonitor pricing plans are going to change !

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WalletMonitor pricing plans are going to change !

Dear WM users,

We are happy to announce, that after many inquiries, and for your convenience we are going to change WM billing system pricing plans which become much more simple and easy to understanding.

The new system starts from June, 13.

There are the new plans:


All users who have unused credits on their account can continue to use them as you did also after June 13, 2019 .

But by reaching zero-balance of credits there will be no availability to buy new ones.

Your old PayPal automatic orders will be disabled started from June 13, 2019.

After you finish all your credits you will chose one of the WM new plans which suits best your needs.  In order to accomplish this you will make a new PayPal automatic order in very easy and simple way.

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