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Are you a wolf of the Dropshipping Street?

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Are you a wolf of the Dropshipping Street?

Sellers like you are the heart of e-commerce. You sell thousands of products every year, contributing to the global economy on a large scale. Your stores have 10 - 20 thousand products to cater to a huge base of customers and fulfill their demands. No wonder eBay really values your work!

Top sellers like you should always have the best. Unfortunately, in recent times you must be having a lot of worries. The COVID-19 is upon us and has gripped almost all countries across the world. It has created a panic, and businesses are also getting affected.

The Impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce

Most businesses are undergoing massive changes due to COVID. Amazon, too, is feeling the negative consequences of coronavirus disease. Many products have gone off the list and are no longer available. Then there are the delays and confusion about shipping. Many suppliers have also changed their product prices to meet the current change in demand.

More or less, most dropshippers have been affected by the turmoil. However, the "wolf" sellers or top sellers have felt most of the negative consequences.

How do you make changes to 20,000 products? How do you track your product availability? Do you manually change the price of all products? What about the product variations?

There are many reasons to worry. Your whole dropshipping business can run into risks if you don't act quickly!

Thankfully, WalletMonitor customers can breathe a sigh of relief. Our advanced solution has got your back, even in these distressing times of COVID.

How WalletMonitor Protects Your Dropshipping Business

WalletMonitor is continuously tracking all activities in the background. The whole process is automated, and you don't even need to lift your finger!

Ensuring Product Availability

Our dropshipping tool keeps an eye for changes in products and related matters that affect your business. So, if any product is unavailable, our monitor will instantly identify it.

As a result, the product will show "out of stock" and won't be added to your listing. The same happens when a product in your store becomes unavailable. In case a product is available again, WalletMonitor will track the progress and update your listing.

You will never have to manually track the inventory of suppliers. WalletMonitor will do the task for you and keep your business running.

Tracking Price Changes

Apart from inventory, WalletMonitor can also track price changes. Your prices will automatically be adjusted when the supplier changes price. You just have to provide your profit margins once and let Wallet Monitor do the rest of the job.

Additionally, our tool helps you find the most lucrative products that bring a good profit. You will never have to sell a product at a loss anymore!

Keeping Your Store Safe

Many suppliers are also facing the brunt of COVID. They are not able to support inventory for dropshippers in these times. That leads many “wolf” sellers to look for new suppliers.

Searching for new suppliers in a difficult time is not easy. You can't just choose any supplier. You still need to go for reliable sellers who can ensure inventory.

WalletMonitor helps top sellers in this regard too! Our cutting-edge tool makes sure you only source products from reliable suppliers. WalletMonitor will not list a product if-

  • The seller has fewer than 60 feedbacks
  • The product is not shipped from the US
  • If shipping is more than 7 days (Prime) or 14 days (regular)

WalletMonitor will send the products to "out of stock" if they don't meet the eligibility requirements.

Our tool ensures you don't run into trouble looking for suppliers. Also, we make sure your store always meets the guidelines of eBay. Your dropshipping business is forever safe with WalletMonitor.

You really don't need to worry if you are a WalletMonitor customer. If you aren't, then quickly try our services for just $1!

Benefits of WalletMonitor

We are going to briefly run down the benefits of WalletMonitor for those who are new. Our old customers already know how awesome we are!

Perfect for Top Sellers

WalletMonitor can scale seamlessly as your business grows. You can work with 100,000 products with 100 variations each! However, you won't need hours for the job- everything is automated and happens in a matter of minutes!

No Extra Charges for Variations

Our competitors charge you to add each variation of a product. However, we are not that greedy!

We have no extra charges, whether you include 1 or 100 variations. Everything will be counted as a single product.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

We have worked to make our tool the most user-friendly in the market. You will never need any technical knowledge to work with WalletMonitor. Everything is visual and can be controlled by the click of your mouse.

No wonder even new dropshippers find our tool ever easy to use!

Lowest Rates

We have the most cost-effective rates in the industry. However, we never compromise on quality! So, how can we support our low prices?

If you have used our tool, you know how effective our algorithm is. And that is the secret of our competitive prices. We also depend on large-scale automation and further lower your costs.

Try WalletMonitor Today

WalletMonitor is the ideal tool to help your business thrive in times of COVID. Our dropshipping solution will fetch the right products for you to sell at best prices. Use WalletMonitor to safeguard your dropshipping business, and we will see through the hard times together.

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