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IGRG LED Photon V-Shape Slimming Face Massager Vibration Electric Facial Massage Skin Lifting Tightening Anti-Wrinkles Beauty

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EMS Galvanic Therapy Red Blue LED Photon V-Face Chin V-Line Care Face Slimming Machine V-Line Up Facial Lifting Belt Chin Device Dropshipping

Feature 1.48 pieces LED light,effective LED light therapy 2.Three main working modes:red-blue light intermittent alternating vibration mode, red-blue light continuous alternating vibration mode, and blue light static irradiation mode. 3.Intelligent remote control design, simple and convenient for operation 4.10 min working times setting design, the v-face lifting belt will turn off automatically after 10 min working, avoid device overused 5.Through scientific design, close to the face.The angle of the V-face lift belt can be adjusted freely, can fit for different face size 6.Humanized and travel design,can be used anytime and anywhere 7.Ultra thin, stretchy, breathable, anti-bacteria, radiation proof, comfortable. 8.Can reduce wrinkles, prevent aging, rapid change round to delicate faces Function 1.Red light: Improve skin cell activity, promote metabolism, and enhance collagen re-growth. Promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and skin repair treatment results 2.Blue light:Can suppress common skin inflammation quickly, calm skin, clean, sterilize and protect skin. Strengthen skin absorption and repair compound, To achieve oil balance, skin whitening, fade pigment, skin rejuvenation, smooth wrinkles, and shrink pores treatment results 3.Infrared therapy: Promote blood circulation, revive enzyme, make skin spontaneous breathing smooth, slow down melanin, prevent acne and other sub-healthy skin condition. 4.Vibration: Soothing facial muscles, improving the strength of fine muscles, and increase face elasticity, lift and firm skin, to create V-shaped face. Tips 1.Can be operated with essence, helping nutrients absorption 2.Recommended to use twice a week 3.Auto shut down after 10 minutes in each mode. Specification Item Type:Face Lifting Color:White Material:ABS Power:2.5W Battery:3.7V 1000mAh Charging Time:2 Hours Usage Time:80mins Weight:130g Size:18*13cm/7.09*5.12in Product Include 1*Main Machine 1*Fixing Belt 1*Remote 1*USB 1*Manual 1*Box

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